Distributed Generation

Distributed generation (DG), distributed resources (DR), distributed energy resources (DER) or dispersed power (DP) is the use of small-scale power generation technologies located close to the load being served. DG stakeholders include energy companies, equipment suppliers, regulators, energy users and financial and supporting companies. For some customers DG can lower costs, improve reliability, reduce emissions, or expand their energy options. DG may add redundancy that increases grid security even while powering emergency lighting or other critical systems.




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Evaluating DG technologies or markets? Check out the DG Monitor's updated 2004 DG Sourcebook! A compendium of information on virtually every aspect of distributed generation technologies, applications, and markets - right at your fingertips! Includes new chapters providing top-level information on the number of installed units and future market potential.



 Need to know how many DG units have been installed? Updated to cover final corrected data through the end of 2003, the DG Monitor's 2005 Installed Base of U.S. Distributed Generation measures the total number of units, capacities, generation and thermal output by 19 size ranges. Breakouts by technology, by application, by primary fuel consumed and by year of installation will help decision-makers at all levels!


Want to know how much untapped DG market potential exists? The 2004 Potential U.S. Market for Distributed Generation report provides a rigorous and comprehensive assessment of economically viable market potential for 5 likely scenarios, and forecasts the total number of units, capacities, generation and thermal output for 18 size ranges, by technology, by application. Data is provided for all 50 states, plus industrial and commercial sector breakouts.



With the new IEEE 1547 DG Interconnection Standard released in June 2003, the DG Monitor's Directory of Interconnection Technologies and Equipment helps decision-makers quickly develop a short list of potential interconnection solutions. This publication lists the equipment and technologies necessary to interconnect all kinds of DG applications, and provides contact information for manufacturers and distributors.


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